The 10 Best Movie Trailers Of 2017

Forget the features – here are the best film trailers of 2017. It’s been a dynamite year at the movies, filled to the brim with superhero thrills like Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming as well as heady, awards season contenders like Dunkirk and The Post, and virtually everything in between.

But none of these would have been as successful without some heartrate-elevating trailers. Add to that the exciting first looks at movies coming in 2018, and 2017 may just be the year of the trailer.


The first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 set many minds at ease. A change in directors following the first film’s wild, unexpected success had some worried the Merc with a Mouth’s sequel could potentially lose its bite. That fear was put to rest pretty quickly with a Logan– accompanying teaser in which Deadpool attempts to thwart a mugging with decidedly mixed results. John William’s Superman theme soars, blood is spilled, and Ryan Reynolds’ butt cheeks clench as we welcome the return of the world’s most profane superhero.


If Mad Max: Fury Road didn’t convince you that Charlize Theron is a bonafide action star, Atomic Blonde certainly should have sealed the deal. The violent, sexy trailer showcases Theron as the titular government operative, meting out stylish brutality to a soundtrack of New Order and Depeche Mode as the likes of John Goodman and James McAvoy look on in justified awe.


Hollywood could never have invented Tommy Wiseau, so he had to do it for them. The Disaster Artist is James Franco’s faithful retelling of the bizarre, real-life production of one of the best terrible movies of all time, The Room. Franco’s impersonation of the incredibly eccentric Wiseau is eerie in its accuracy, an egomaniac who thinks he’s destined for greatness – and he was sort of right.


The trailer for the most anticipated film of 2018 certainly brought the gravitas and sense of epic scale fans were hoping for. Whether it was worth the long wait after SDCC is another matter, but it definitely stoked the flames. The trailer asked more questions than it answered – Why is Black Widow blonde? How does Vision look so human? Is Tony Stark wearing a high tech sweat suit? – but the table is certainly set as all the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe converge to take on Thanos.

6. IT


The surprise smash hit of 2017, IT became a sensation in a way that horror movies almost never achieve. A not insignificant portion of that success should go to its initial trailer, which was equal parts horrifying and intoxicating, delivering a creepy brand of terror that audiences clearly wanted more of – and putting an untold number of birthday party clowns out of business.


Ingrid Goes West was far from a smash hit, but its smart, dark take on the unseemly aspects of how social media dominates modern is on full display in its disturbingly hilarious trailer. Aubrey Plaza – who had already clocked a great 2017 with her virtuosic performance in Legion – stars as a mentally unstable young woman who becomes obsessed with Elizabeth Olsen’s Instagram queen.


Making a sequel to the vaunted Blade Runner always seemed like a fool’s errand, but director Denis Villeneuve was up to the task, crafting a film that felt both dutifully reverent to the original as well as something narratively fresh and entirely its own. The first, breathtaking teaser appeared in late 2016, but it was this full look that confirmed the sci-fi franchise was in good hands.


Black Panther’s first teaser trailer felt like a revelation. Decidedly out of step with what’s come to be known as the “Marvel house style,” Wakanda looks unlike anything we’ve seen in a Marvel film up to this point; a vibrant, mythical land tucked away from the rest of the MCU. Chadwick Boseman continues to charm as the enigmatic titular hero. The trailer’s so good the film can stand alongside Infinity War in terms of hype.


Edgar Wright’s sort-of musical, sort-of heist film was one of the purest cinematic delights of 2017. Featuring Ansel Elgort in a star-making performance, Baby Driver’s supporting cast was absolutely stocked with ringers like Jon Hamm and Jaime Foxx, and featured Wright at the height of his considerable directorial powers, featuring laughs, romance, and bursts of shocking, almost poetic violence. And oh, those car chases. More so than any film this year, the trailer was a complete and unashamed embodiment of that.


Was there a single better trailer moment this year than Thor’s reaction to seeing his old friend, The Incredible Hulk? We think not. Even without the now iconic “he’s a friend from work!” climax, Thor: Ragnarok would still boast one of the very best trailers of the year, showcasing the destruction of Mjolnir at the hands of Hela, Jeff Goldblum’s delightfully weird Grandmaster, and the thundering rhythms of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” It’s the best trailer of 2017, and it’s not close.


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