‘Supernatural’: Jensen Ackles’s Wife Danneel Cast In Recurring Role

The Supernatural family is getting a little bigger, as lead actor Jensen Ackles will be sharing the screen with this wife Danneel, who is joining Supernatural season 13 in a recurring role!

Variety dropped the exclusive that Danneel Ackles will be playing “Sister Jo”, a “well-known faith healer whose good works attract the attention of somoone very verybad: Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).” Her first episode (no. 13) is called “Devil’s Bargain”, which suggests that Lucifer could have larger plans for Sister Jo…

No doubt the cast and crew of Supernatural are going to have a lot of fun pitting Jensen and Danneel against one another onscreen – as much as we, the fans, are going to have watching them! The actress is probably best known for her role as Kal Penn’s love interest Vanessa in the last two Harold & Kumar films, as well as her role as Rachel on One Tree Hill.

Variety reminds us that Ackles is just one of many guest stars in Supernatural season 13: keep your eyes peeled for other famous faces to show up.


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